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Tomb Raider: Underworld

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Tomb Raider: Underworld

Post  arrestedbiscuit on Wed Dec 16, 2009 8:05 am

Credit to

Cheat codes:
Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding sequences of buttons during gameplay. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound:

Invincibility - Hold L2 and press X, R2, triangle, R2, square, L1.
One shot kills - Hold L2 and press triangle, X, triangle, square, L1, circle.
Draw enemy health - Hold L2 and press square, circle, X, L1, R2, triangle.

White swimsuit:
To unlock the white swimsuit, beat the game on any difficulty. It can be used in the Mediterranean Sea Expedition.

Treasure Hunt mode:
To unlock Treasure Hunt mode, beat the game. Treasure Hunt mode allows you to skip puzzles you have already solved, allowing you to collect missed treasures.

Bonus concept art:
Unlock the following concept art at the "Extras" menu by performing the corresponding tasks:

Creature concepts - Collect all treasures.
Environment Concept Art for Arctic Sea and Amelia concepts - Complete arctic sea expedition.
Environment Concept Art for Coastal Thailand and Alister concepts - Complete coastal thailand expedition.
Environment Concept Art for Croft Manor and Doppelganger concepts - Complete croft manor expedition.
Environment Concept Art for Med Sea and Amanda concepts - Complete mediterranean sea expedition.
Environment Concept Art for Mexico and All Men concepts - Complete southern mexico expedition.
Environment Concept Art for Ship and Natla concepts - Complete andaman sea expedition.
Environment Concept Art for Jan Mayen Island, Gear, and Artifacts concepts - Complete jan mayen island expedition.
Game Flow Storyboards - Complete the game on master survivalist difficulty.
Lara Concepts - Collect all six relics.
Zip and Winston Concepts - Complete the Prologue.


Bronze trophies:
Artifact Hunter - Find 10 artifacts.
Climber - Do more than 2 wall-jumps with zig-zag jumps. Exploration of Andaman Sea - Complete the exploration of andaman sea.
Exploration of Croft Residence - Complete the exploration of croft residence.
Grenadier - Kill 2 enemies with 1 grenade.
Investigation of the Mediterranean Ruins - Complete the investigation of the mediterranean ruins.
Investigation of the North Pole Sea Ruins - Complete the investigation of the north pole sea ruins.
Investigation of the South Mexico Ruins - Complete the investigation of south mexico ruins.
Investigation of the Thailand Ruins - Complete the investigation of the thailand ruins.
Investigations of the Yanmaien Island Ruins - Complete the investigation of the yanmaien island ruins.
Prologue - Clear the prologue.
Roadkiller - Kill an enemy with your motorcycle.
Speed Demon 1 - Rush towards and enter xibalba.
Speed Demon 2 - Rush downwards to the bottom of valgrind.
Speed Demon 3 - Rush and break through the valhalla maze.
Swan Diver I - Swan dive from the platform on top of the craken`s head.
Swan Diver II - Swan dive from the platform that is at the top of the large ship in the mediterranean.
Swan Diver III - Swan dive from the platform into the ocean in thailand.
Treasure Hunter - Find 10 treasures.
Weapon Expert - Do an adrenaline attack headshot.

Silver trophies:
Master Climber - Do more than 4 wall-jumps that include zig-zag jumps.
Master Grenadier - Kill 3 enemies with 1 grenade.
Master Roadkiller - Kill 5 enemies with your motorcycle.
Passionate Artifact Hunter - Find 3 artifacts.
Passionate Treasure Hunter - Find 100 treasures.
Skilled Treasure Hunter - Find 50 treasures.
Survival Master - Complete the game in the hardest difficulty.
Weapon Master - Do 10 adrenaline attack headshots.

Gold trophies:
Master Artifact Hunter - Find 6 artifacts.
Master Speed Demon - Do all three speed demon challenges.
Master Swan Diver - Do all three swan dives.
Master Treasure Hunter - Find 179 treasures.

Platinum trophy
Master of Tomb Raider: Underworld - Collect all other trophies.

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Re: Tomb Raider: Underworld

Post  AK.47 on Wed Dec 16, 2009 10:08 am

try gettin stuff for xbox to so people can go to xbox section



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