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Grand Theft Auto I.V

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Grand Theft Auto I.V Empty Grand Theft Auto I.V

Post  arrestedbiscuit on Mon Dec 14, 2009 2:21 pm

Credit to

Quickly access phone number cheats:
To quickly redial a cheat, at the bottom of your phone menu select "Cheats" to display all the cheats you have previously dialed in. You will not have to wait for the call to go through.

Phone number cheats:
Press up to access your cell phone and press up again to access the keypad. Unlock the following cheats by dialing the corresponding numbers:

Climate Change - HOT-555-0100
Full Armor & Health - 362-555-0100
Full Armor/Health/Ammo & Fix Damaged Car - 482-555-0100
Identify Songs on the Radio - 948-555-0100
Raise Wanted Level - 267-555-0150
Remove Wanted Level - 267-555-0100
Spawn Annihiliator Police Helicopter - 359-555-0100
Spawn Burrito - 2826-555-0150
Spawn Cognoscenti - 227-555-0142
Spawn Comet - 227-555-0175
Spawn Double T - 245-555-0125
Spawn FBI buffalo - 227-555-0100
Spawn Hakuchou - 245-555-0199
Spawn Hexer - 245-555-0150
Spawn Innovation - 245-555-0100
Spawn Jetmax - 938-555-0100
Spawn NRG-900 - 625-555-0100
Spawn Police Chopper - FLY-555-0100
Spawn Sanchez - 625-555-0150
Spawn Slamvan - 826-555-0100
Spawn Turismo - 227-555-0147
Spawn SuperGT - 227-555-0168
Weapon Package #1 - 486-555-0150
Weapon Package - 486-555-0100

Gang Wars unlockables:
Unlock the following weapons by completing the corresponding number of Gang Wars:

Assault shotgun in safehouse - Complete 40 gang wars.
Automatic pistol in safehouse - Complete 20 gang wars.
Carbine Rifle in safehouse - Complete 30 gang wars.
Grenade launcher in safehouse - Complete 50 gang wars.
Sawed-off shotgun in safehouse - Complete 10 gang wars.

Hokachu bike from Clay:
Unlock the following bikes by performing the corresponding tasks:

Bati 800 - Complete all of angus's bike theft missions.
Hokachu - Beat 12 races in single player mode.
Innovation - Kill all 50 seagulls.

Unlockable vehicles:
Unlock the following vehicles by performing the corresponding tasks:

Annihilator Helicopter - Kill all 200 pigeons.
Rastah Color Huntley SUV - Complete 10 package delivery missions.

Friendship bonuses:
Alex at 80% - Gives you a discount at clothing stores for 24 hours.
Brucie at 90% - Flys his helicopter to you.
Carmen at 75% - Replenishes your health.
Dwayne at 60% - Ships you a car full of gangsters who will protect you.
Kiki at 75% - Clears your wanted level (when out of missions and under two stars).
Little Jacob at 60% - Ships you a car full of guns which you can purchase.
Packie at 75% - Makes you a car bomb.
Roman at 60% - Sends a taxi for you to drive throughout Liberty City.
Stevie - Complete all 30 of his vehicle thefts. The South Bohan garage will then give you more money for each vehicle that you deliver.

Resurrect dead cars:
To resurrect dead cars, dial 911 on your cell phone and hang up when they pick up.

Happy statue easter egg:
Navigate to the statue of happiness on happiness island by way of helicopter. Have the helicopter set you down on the very top of the statue. You'll see a sign up there that says "No Hidden Content Beyond This Point". If you head inside of the statue from this point, you'll see an actual beating heart inside the statue.

Fire truck water cannon:
Steal a fire truck, and push the fire button while driving. This will fire the super-powerful water cannon.

Crank calls:
Dial the phone numbers written in odd places, such as on the side of a building. You can crank call someone on the other end.

GTA3 outfit:
When you have to decide whether to kill Dwayne or Playboy X, kill Playboy X. You will be able to use his loft and change clothes there.

Reveal item locations at internet cafe:
To reveal map locations of all weapons, health, armor, vehicles, pigeons, ramp/stunt, and entertainment, log onto a computer at TW@ Internet Cafe and go to

Free taxi ride:
Just before you reach your destination hold L1 to smash the window and scare the taxi driver away. You must have a gun equipped in order to do this.

Change police siren sound:
While driving in a LCPD cruiser press the left-analog stick.

Erase wanted level:
Do any one of the following to erase your wanted level:

1. Enter any mission marker(not date markers).
2. While in a police vehicle, activate any of the vigilante or most wanted missions.
3. Call a friend from outside of the radar zone.

Gun shop hint:
After killing the owner of the gunshop you can shop there again if you change clothes.

Lower wanted level:
To lower your wanted level, start a mission or enter a safehouse and save the game.

Tug boat:
There is a tug boat located between Alderny and the industrial island in front of two barges. You will need another boat to get to it. Once near it, jump on it and hit the enter vehicle button. You can just cruise from there.

Armored truck money:
To get the money inside an armored truck, steal it and blow it up.

Blowout tires:
To perform a burnout, hold L+R while for a little while. The back tires will blowout one after another.

Police car hints:
While inside a police car press L1 to have the data bank display wanted people. You can search names and call three police cars for backup.

Free shotgun:
Steal a police car to pick up a tactical shotgun with 5 bullets.

Enter any one of the following urls using the in game computer:

Statue of Libery t-shirt:
On the 2nd level, walk through the door of the statue of liberty. When you walk out you will have a t-shirt with the statue of liberty on it.

Instantly stop while driving:
To instantly stop while driving, press up on the d-pad to access your cellphone and scroll down to select the camera.

Unlimited ammo:
To unlock unlimited ammo, get 100% game completion.

100% game completion:
Complete all of the following to get 100% completion:

68% - Complete all 90 story and procedural missions.
10% - Get all friends special abilities and complete all of their activities(excluding dwayne and roman).
5% - Beat friends or computers at every activity.
5% - Find all random characters and complete their missions.
2.5% - Collect all 200 pigeons.
2.5% - Complete all 20 vigilante crimes.
2.5% - Complete all 50 stunt jumps.
2.5% - Kill all 30 people on the list.
2% - Complete all 30 vehicle thefts.

Easy money:
An easy way get money is to go to an ATM and cause a traffic jam to the surrounding area. Wait for someone to take money from the ATM and then kill them. Take the money they dropped on the ground. Run a short distance away and come back. The money should reappear on the ground. Repeat this as many times as you want. Kill more people accessing the ATM and their money will also reappear.

More easy money:
To get easy money, go to an area where there are a lot of people and dial the "Spawn Jetmax" phone number cheat. Position yourself so that the boat spawns above the people and kills them without raising your wanted level. Pickup the money dropped by the people you killed and repeat as desired.

Replenish health:
To refill your health, eat food at a Cluckin' Bell, hot dog stand etc.

Purchase all ringtones and themes for $100:
After getting the phone from Playboy X, go to the nearest Internet cafe. Go to the ringtones site and buy all of the ringtones and themes. They will only cost $100.

Save more cars:
You can store cars in spaces that have a "Residents Parking Only" sign even if you do not have a safe house.

Stay on top of a moving truck:
To stay on top of a moving truck, repeatedly tap the jump button while on top of it.

Fast taxi:
To skip through a taxi ride and travel across the entire city in less than 10 seconds, call the taxi instead of hailing it.

Lap dance double team:
After getting a lapdance the stripper will ask if you want another. Accept twice and she will bring another girl in.

Phone numbers:
Dial any of the following numbers on your cell phone to reach the corresponding businesses or people:

Bean Machine Coffee: 555-0110
Blackmailer from "Call And Collect" mission: 843-555-0124
Drug dealer from "Lure" mission: 545-555-1022
Emergency Services: 911
Express Car Service: 555-2222
Express Car Service: 555-3333
Fire Proof Doors: 555-5700
Hero Shop: 555-8575
LCPD Recruitment: 555-RECRUIT
Liberty Construction: 555-1274-73
No Problemo Bail Bonds: 555-945-733-92
Roman Bellic: 718-926-7215
Storage: 555-221-3877
Superb Deli: 555-4674
The Serrated Edge: 1-800-555-5555
Used Auto Parts: 555-7300
Vinewood Laundromat: 555-5123
ZiT: 948-555-0100

Mid-air cars:
While flying in a helicopter, dial the phone number cheat to spawn a car in mid-air.

Random charcater missions:
There are 22 total random character missions. All except Clarence, Cherise, Ivan and Jeff count towards 100% completion. The following random characters will appear after the corresponding missions are completed:

Brian - It's Your Call
Badman - Shadow
Clarence - Blood Brothers
Cherise - The Holland Play
Eddie Low - Actions Speak Louder Than Words
Gracie - Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend
Hossan - The Puerto Rican Connection
Ilyena - The Puerto Rican Connection
Ivan - Actions Speak Louder Than Words
Jeff - Photo X
Marnie - Actions Speak Louder Than Words
Mel - Escuela Of The Streets
Pathos - The Puerto Rican Connection
Sara - The Puerto Rican Connection

The following characters can be picked up at the corresponding locations. If a character has multiple missions, you must wait 1-2 days before picking them up again:

Brian 1 - Next to Roman's cab business.
Brian 2 - Near comrades bar(vlad's bar) and your schottler safehouse.
Brian 3 - Downtown, on a street corner.
Badman - Sitting on a bench in front of the pill pharm pharmacy in east island city.
Clarence - You'll run into him on the streets of east holland.
Cherise - At the clukin' bell in northwood algonquin.
Eddie Low 1 - He's at the mouth of an alley in alderney city.
Eddie Low 2 - You meet him in berchem.
Gracie - You'll find her standing outside her home in acter.
Hossan - On a street corner in algonquin selling handbags.
Ilyena Fausin: On the boardwalk in schottler. Usually when you're on your way to the bowling alley.
Ivan: He's on a corner in acter, alderney.
Jeff 1 - On a corner in east holland.
Jeff 2 - He will call you.
Jeff 3 - He's sitting on a sidewalk bench in suffolk, across from ray's restaurant.
Mel-He - On the sidewalk just up the street from the original safehouse in schottler.
Marnie 1 - She's strung out on a park bench in alderney city. She's facing the big fountain.
Marnie 2 - Shes's inn varsity heights leaning up against a building on a corner.
Pathos 1 - On the main drag in star junction.
Pathos 2 - On the main strip in star junction.
Sara 1 - In suffolk after hossan's encounter.
Sara 2 - Pier 45 in fishmarket south.

Get all your friend's special abilities and do all their activities to get 10% completion.

Free internet:
In some of the safehouses, you can use the reception computers located behind the desk for free. The receptionist behind the desk will not call the cops or charge you.

Damage-proof vehicles:
When you take a girlfriend out on a date, shoot through your car window to do a drive-by. Your date will leave and your vehicle will be immune to damage.

Control music volume in strip clubs:
To control the music volume in strip clubs, use the radio station volume control in the options menu .

Run faster:
To run faster, have the lightest weapon possible equipped.

Avoid toll booths:
To avoid paying the toll, while your car is approaching the toll booth jump out at the last second and your car will crash through. You will not get a wanted star.

The heart of Liberty City easter egg:
In Happiness island, steal a helicopter from the helicopter tours. Fly it over the Statue of Liberty and jump out of it at the statue's feet. You should land on a square platform with doors at the center of each side. One of the doors has a plaque on both sides of it that reads, "No Hidden Content Here." The door does not open but you can walk through it. Climb the ladder inside it and when you reach the top look up. There is a gigantic beating heart held in place by chains.

Vehicle locations:
Find the following vehicles in the corresponding locations:

Admiral - In Meadows Park, Dukes.
Air Tug - At Francis International Airport.
Ambulance - Parked outside of any hospital.
Banshee - Galveston Ave. near Middle Park.
Bobcat - Top of the Francis International Airport's parking lot.
Brute - Near banks.
Buccaneer - Near the Industrial District.
Bus - Star Junction or at the bus station near the Helitours site.
Cavalcade - The same street Westdyke Memorial Hospital is on.
Comet - In between the Burger Shot and the Swingers Golf Club.
Contender - Near the Twichin's Sugar Factory.
Coquette - Outside the church.
DF8-90 - Near the amusement park's parking lot.
Dilettante - Near the Canyon Magaplex in Willis, Dukes.
Dinghy - Several can be found around the coast of Acter Industrial Park.
Enforcer - Get a four to six star wanted level and it will find you.
Faggio - Near the Dragon Heart Plaza on Diman Street in Chinatown.
Flatbed - Near industrial areas.
Fork Lift - On the street to the left of the bridge under construction.
Freeway - In front of the Willis Wash and Lube.
Helitours Maverick - At the Helitours company in Fishmarket South.
Hakumai - Steinway, Dukes.
Huntley Sport - Near the LCPD station in Northern Gardens.
Infernus - In Outlook Park by the Pizza Salad restaurant.
Intruder - Near the Liberty City Transport Authority in Rotterdam Hill in Broker.
Lokus - East Island City neighborhood in Dukes.
Manana - Near the Burger Shot on Huntington Street.
Maverick - Top area of the residential district on the third main island.
Moonbea - Charge Island near the water treatment plant.
NRG 900 - The corner of Bismark Ave and Topaz in Lancaster.
Patriot - By the Castle Gardens.
Phantom - Outside the first floor of the GL&S lawyers office building.
PMP 600 - The alley by the Exchange District Bank in Algonquin.
Police Cruiser - Appears randomly when your wanted level is at least four stars.
Police Maverick - On top of the police station in Algonquin.
Presidente - At Castle Gardens.
Rancher - By the docks in Port Tudor.
Rebla - Fanny Crab's near Grand Easton Station.
Reefer - Around the coast of Acter Industrial Park.
Ripley - At Francis International Airport.
Roman's Taxi - Unlocked when Roman's Respect stat reaches 100%.
Schafter - East Hook in Broker.
Securicar - At the Boabo neighborhood, look at the map for the roads that form the letter "P". Park by the "RON" gas station and wait for it to spawn.
Sentinel - Near the docks in Normandy.
Sultan - The driveway of a green house in Berchem.
Sultan RS - Sitting in the northeastern-most part of the final island. It is in some bushes behind a small shack up a dirt road.
Super GT - On Calcium Street in front of the 69.
Trashmaster - In the depot under the west end of Broker Bridge, east of the fire station.
Tropic - Along the north coast of Acter Industrial Park.
Tug boat - Get in a boat, and search along the water between Alderny and Industrial Island to find a tug boat parked in front of two barges.
Turismo - Parked outside a home in Owl Creek Avenue in Westdyke, or next to Faustin's house on Shinnecock Ave. in Beachgate, Broker.
Vincent - In Schottler.
Voodoo - In East Island City.
Washington - By the pool in Steinway, Dukes.
Zombie motorcycle - Drive around by the Pay 'n' Spray near Port Tudor in Alderney.


Bronze trophies
Assassin's Greed - Complete all 9 assassin missions.
Auf Wiedersehen Petrovic - Win all variations of multiplayer games.
Chain Reaction - Explode 10 vehicles in 10 seconds.
Cleaned The Mean Streets - Catch 20 criminals through the police computer.
Courier Service - Complete all 10 package delivery jobs.
Cut Your Teeth - Get promoted up a rank in multiplayer.
Dial B For Bomb - Unlock the special ability of packie's car bomb placement.
Driving Mr. Bellic - Unlock the special ability of roman's taxi.
Fed The Fish - Complete the mission "uncle vlad".
Finish Him - Complete 10 melee counters in 4 minutes.
Fly The Co-op - Complete "deal breaker", "hangman's noose" and "bomb da base II" in time.
Full Exploration - Unlock all the islands.
Genetically Superior - Place first in 20 singleplayer street races.
Gobble Gobble - Get a turkey in 10-pin bowling.
Gracefully Taken - Complete the mission "I'll take her".
Half Million - Amass a fortune of $500,000.
Impossible Trinity - Complete the mission "museum piece".
It'll Cost Ya - Make a taxi trip from one island to another without skipping.
Join The Midnight Club - Win a multiplayer race without damaging your vehicle.
King of QUB3D - Beat the high score in QUB3D.
Let Sleeping Rockstars Lie - Kill a rockstar in multiplayer.
Lowest Point - Complete the mission "roman's sorrow".
Manhunt - Complete the most wanted side mission.
No More Strangers - Meet all the random characters.
Off The Boat - Complete the first mission.
One Hundred And Eighty - Score 180 with 3 darts.
Order Fulfilled - Complete all 10 exotic export orders.
Pool Shark - Beat a friend at pool.
Retail Therapy - Unlock the special ability of buying guns from little jacob.
Rolled Over - Manage 5 car rolls in a row from one crash.
Sightseer - Take all variations of the helicopter tours of liberty city.
Taking It For The Team - Be on the winning team in all multiplayer team games.
Teamplayer - Kill 5 opposing team members.
That Special Someone - Complete the mission "that special someone".
That's How We Roll! - Unlock the special ability of brucie's helicopter ride.
Top Of The Food Chain - Kill 20 players with a pistol in a deathmatch.
Top The Midnight Club - Win 20 different multiplayer standard races.
Under The Radar - Fly under all main bridges.
Walk Free - Lose a 4 star wanted rating.
Warm Coffee - Get invited into your girlfriend's house.
Wheelie Rider - Complete a 500 foot wheelie on a motorbike.
You Got The Message - Deliver all 30 cars ordered through text message.
You Won! - Complete the story.

Silver trophies
Dare Devil - Complete all the unique stunt jumps.
Endangered Species - Collect every hidden package in the game.
Liberty City (5) - Be liked by your friends above 90%.
One Man Army - Survive a 6 star wanted level for a full 5 minutes.

Gold trophies
Key To The City - Beat the game.
Liberty City Minute - Finish the story in less than 30 hours.
Wanted - Achieve the highest personal rank possible in multiplayer.

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