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Astal Flora

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Astal Flora Empty Astal Flora

Post  Irish Caveman on Mon Feb 08, 2010 4:42 am

Astal Flora Thumb


To achieve the coloration used in the preview image please follow these easy steps and stop sending me notes asking me how to do this! You will be ignored from now on, I am too busy to keep telling people this:

1: Make a layer with a black background.
2: Make a new layer that is blank.
3: On this blank layer use the brushes in white.
4: Make a new layer, set the blending mode to Overlay.
5: Using soft round brushes of different sizes and colors, paint into this layer and you will the color show up over the flora brushes on the layer beneath.

To make the colors brighter, duplicate or copy the layer with the bright colors, or set the blending mode to Hard Light.


Brushes made in Photoshop 7.0 – but may work in lesser/higher versions as well.

Pack Contains: 8 brushes; including:

2 different sized leaves
1 astral rose
1 astral flowerbud
1 astral butterfly
an assortment of whispy, starspangled curves

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